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Rock River Soap Company Fundraising
fundraising, fundraisers, Rock River Soap Company, essential oils, hemp, Scott Holloway, wholesale, cold-processed soapIs your non-profit organization looking for a great fundraising idea?
Tired of cookie dough, magazines and cheap products? 
Why not sell something everyone needs and wants. You could offer the best all-natural hand-crafted soap available.
A perfect fundraising option for schools, clubs and sports groups, Rock River Soap Company soaps are a refreshing alternative to unwanted wrapping paper, candy and frozen pizzas.
The great thing about selling Rock River Soap Company's all-natural, hand-crafted soaps for a fundraiser is that their not expensive for your buyers, their unique, and they always make great gifts! Everyone needs soap. One size fits all. It is suitable for women and men, girls and boys. 
Rock River Soap Company fundraisers feature our generous 4 ounce, hand-cut bars. By offering handmade soap at an affordable price, your supporters are sure to purchase more than one! Once customers have purchased and used Rock River Soap Company soaps, they’ll want them again and again. Sales will most likely increase in subsequent fundraisers.
Rock River Soap Company, cold-processed soap, hand-crafted soap, Scott Holloway
HOW ROCK RIVER SOAP COMPANY FUNDRAISING WORKS We make fundraising simple for you with two easy to manage fundraising options. 
Traditional Order SaleCustomers choose from our most popular soaps, pictured on our full color sales brochure. Your organization use custom made order forms to keep track of sales. 
40-60% Profit :: Free Shipping :: No Up front Costs
Keep Profit Immediately :: Easy to Sell
  • Choose your selling price...choose your profit!
  • Free Shipping.
  • Pay Rock River Soap Company when placing your final order.
  • Rock River Soap Company will provide forms and brochure for each participant and PDF files if you need to print more.
  • Your organization collects orders for Rock River Soap Company over a 2-4 week campaign period.
  • Turnaround time is 3 weeks from receipt of your order (this allows time for the soap to cure).
  • Your organization delivers Rock River Soap to their customers, who are excited to have been able to support your organization and receive quality handmade soap that they actually want to have!
A hint for success…. Give your customers a chance to sniff for themselves. It will win them over. Rock River Soap Company soaps smell heavenly. We do supply sample size bars for fundraising groups. 
Consignment SaleThe second option is to purchase the soaps in advance at wholesale pricing, then sell them.  
50-60% Profit :: Free Shipping :: Keep Profit Immediately :: Easy to Sell 
  • Choose 3 to 5 soap varieties to offer for your fundraiser with a minimum order of 36 bars, Rock River Soap Company can custom label your fundraising soap, so you can name each bar whatever you want.
  • Choose your selling price...choose your profit!
  • Most fundraising bars wholesale at $3 per bar.
There are many venues where you could easily sell your inventory such as church bazaars, arts & crafts fairs, or door to door.  The benefits of a consignment sale are numerous…
  • Having the soap on hand so people can actually see and smell them, and they won’t have to wait for delivery.
  • Rock River Soap Company soaps are lightweight and portable, so transporting them to your sale locations won’t be a problem.
  • Many people are concerned about their health and weight these days, so selling soaps can be an attractive option over selling candy bars or cookie dough.
  • You don’t need a special occasion or holiday to sell soap. It’s a good fundraising option all year long! 
Contact or call 262-818-3288 to coordinate your Rock River Soap Company fundraiser today!