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Each batch of Rock River Soap Company's hand-crafted, natural artisan cold processed soap is carefully and lovingly crafted by hand using unique blends of essential oils and botanicals. We use only quality, natural ingredients to ensure our soaps have a rich moisturizing lather, superior cleansing action and are good for you, the economy, and the planet!
Summer's End Special:
Spend $50 and I will toss in the Kitchen Sink -
a perfect soap for washing hands at the Kitchen Sink, with a fragrant blend of citrus oils and castor oil for extra moisture.
Cinnamon Bay
With a rich warm scent and sweet as a cinnamon roll, this soap will start your day comfortably.
Price: $6.00
Lemon Eucalyptus Hemp
A fresh scent and gentle grit to get you really clean.
Price: $6.00
Ginger Lime Hemp
Dazzle your senses with this bright, refreshing fragrance. It's warm, it's tangy, it's a favorite with kids noses.
Price: $6.00
Doggie Poo
Perfect for any pooch!
Made with oatmeal tea; saponified coconut, pam, soy and olive oils. Turkey red castor oil; essential oils of sage, blood cedar, cassia. Lemongrass, citronella. Tea tree and petitgrain.
Price: $6.00
Hemp Extra Hemp
No scent except the sweet nuttiness of the HempSeed oil. Really rich lather that gently cleanses and
Price: $5.00
Wintergreen Peppermint
A hot weather favorite that cools you down and freshens you up.
Price: $6.00
"Sweet Annie" Hemp
Wormwood and patchouli oils give this bar it's magical fragrance. Deeply herbal and slightly spicy, you might find yourself dreaming more vividly.
Price: $6.00
The pleasant scent of garden herbs, rich moisturizing qualities of castor oil and sandalwood powder for cleansing grit. This is a must for anyone who gets their hands dirty.
Price: $6.00
Patchouli with HempOil
Rich and herby with a blend of Indian patchouli oils, extra creamy lather and a moisturizing finish
Price: $6.00