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Each batch of Rock River Soap Company's hand-crafted, natural artisan cold processed soap is carefully and lovingly crafted by hand using unique blends of essential oils and botanicals. We use only quality, natural ingredients to ensure our soaps have a rich moisturizing lather, superior cleansing action and are good for you, the economy, and the planet!

Selection is pretty limited right now, but I will be busy making many varieties in the coming weeks. 
Sweet Annie
a Hemp Oil Soap: Rich with the powerful aroma of absinthe from wormwood, this practically magical soap is great for imaginative thinking and vivd dreaming.
Price: $6.00
Tea Tree Aloe
a Hemp Oil Soap: Earthy herbal scent with a touch of Lavender and a wisp of Wintergreen. This soap is an excellent choice from face to feet. Tea Tree is anti microbial and Aloe is mildly astringent
Price: $6.00
Vetiver Rose
a Hemp Oil Soap: Deeply earthy and complex in scent with a bit of Rose to soothe it all out. Grounding for the mind; nourishing for the skin. This soap is so good, for many customers, it is their only choice.
Price: $6.00
Doggie Poo
No, it doesn't smell like dog doo... It's a shampoo for dogs and an excellent alternative to he liquid pet products in stores. This soap has Castor oil for a smooth shiny coat and no itchy skin.
Price: $6.00
Fresh Batch - a Hemp Oil Soap: Such a creamy lather and a distinctly earthy scent. This soap is excellent for moisturizing the skin and for smooth comfortable shaving. The scent of patchouli will linger through your day.
Price: $6.00
Cinnamon Bay
Warm and comforting spice scent with a fine gentle exfoliating quality. This is a excellent kitchen or hand sink bar.
Price: $6.00
Lavender Rosemary
a Hemp Oil Soap, and a favorite blend for decades. Calming and relaxing for a smooth approach to any day.
Price: $6.00
Sage Lemongrass
a Hemp Oil Soap: Crisp and Refreshing, moisturizing and cleansing. Outdoor people will really appreciate this soap.
Price: $6.00